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Why granite is important to your home

As a homeowner, upgrading to natural stone surfaces in your home is a big investment. You should have the very best quality and selection of stone, the most experienced fabricators and installers, and the best service for your money. When purchasing granite countertops, the most common mistake is to compare companies on a dollar per square foot basis.

Why use LIBERTYstone:


The LIBERTYstone team is simply the best in the industry. Each of our fabricators, polishers and installers was personally selected from hundreds in the region. In fact, several of our polishers have been polishing granite by hand for over 40 years!

We ensure excellence in our natural stone surfaces by constantly verifying the workmanship of each job. If anyone on our team does not maintain our extremely high level of quality, they can no longer be a part of the LIBERTYstone team.

LIBERTYstone fabricates and installs stone daily. Our consistent volume and solid relationships within the industry mean that we can offer the most extensive and diverse selection of stone counters, edges, cuts and service in the Carolinas and beyond. The quality and economic efficiency that LIBERTYstone demands in the stone countertop market is one-of-a-kind.


Every successful builder knows that your reputation depends on the quality, style and expectations of those who buy and then recommend your homes. Regardless of the size or cost of the homes you build, the final look and feel of the granite counters in your homes help you make a unique and distinct impression on buyers in all ranges. This impression can also make an impact when someone is selecting a builder for their new custom home.

Homeowners notice details and quality, especially when it comes to natural surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms. Your selection of high-quality, beautiful, natural stone surfaces in the homes you build sets you apart and endears you to your clients – especially when they learn that your standards are the highest and that your stone surfaces are crafted by LIBERTYstone, home of the stone industry’s most dedicated service and supplier of the Carolinas’ highest quality natural surfaces. 

As the granite countertop market matures, homeowners are no longer satisfied with just any granite. When they pay $20,000 or more for granite countertops, they expect elite stone and superior service. They no longer accept flaws by average stone fabricators. With LIBERTYstone, our builders depend on the granite in their homes as the showpiece that helps create referral business. Our builders cannot afford to risk the slightest quality defects, poor installation or service. They cannot afford to use any company other than LIBERTYstone.

  • Flexible meeting and installation hours
  • Weekend service
  • Our promise to return all phone calls within 24-hours

We also take full responsibility when caring for your clients. Our high level of service will begin immediately when you connect them to us. No worries and no follow-ups are necessary on your part. Your client is well cared for and you will hear your client telling you that they absolutely LOVE their stone surfaces in the beautiful new home you have built for them!

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