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Granite countertop


As a homeowner, installing quality countertops is a wise investment. Liberty Stone’s proprietary process, maximizes the return on your investments. We help
you find the right color coordination and best quality surfaces for your countertops. We employ only the highest quality countertop fabricators and installers. 
LIBERTYstone also ensures the lowest prices in the industry. When purchasing countertops for your home, make sure you do not settle for anything less
than LIBERTYstone!


Over the past 14 years, Liberty Stone earned their reputation by strictly demanding high quality. We work hard each and every day to provide the highest quality granite countertops and marble countertops in today’s real estate, home construction, renovation and interior design markets. Liberty Stone built this firmly established reputation for the last 14 years across the country one kitchen countertop at a time.  Our client list includes some of the highest quality, high-end custom home builders and renovation professionals.

By rigidly requiring the most demanding fabrication and installation standards, we provide the utmost in quality natural stone countertops throughout the market. Today we offer every type of countertop surface to include: granite countertops, marble countertops, quartzite countertops, and natural stone countertops. In addition, we provide natural stone fireplaces and mantels! Due to our experience and long-lasting relationships in the business, we can compete with anyone on price!

Our clients’ satisfaction drives our growth and success across the country. We  sell granite countertops and marble countertops to individual homeowners, custom
builders, realtors, renovation specialists, and interior designers throughout the construction industry. 

Liberty Stone countertops are far more attractive than our competition.  As our next satisfied client, you will take a great deal of pride in your Liberty Stone countertops, and will be eager to entertain guests into your home.  In fact, a large percentage of our business comes from replacing our competitors’ granite and marble countertops.


Every detail of the Liberty Stone countertop process is different from start to finish. Liberty Stone’s industry experts help guide you through the process to get the most out of your investment.

We earn our business by teaching and educating you in every detail of the granite countertop and marble countertop business. You get to learn about the wide and diverse set of options for your new countertops to include: quartzite, wood, concrete and synthetic materials, in addition to natural stone products!

Our proprietary techniques help you discover the perfect color which will coordinate your new countertops with the rest of the room.

Our professionals guide you through every detail of our proprietary process, including how to choose the exact color and precise slab of material which will enhance your kitchen.

We also point out the techniques which differentiate us from the competition and allow us to deliver the highest quality countertops on the market today.

We have all heard ‘measure twice and cut once.’  At Liberty Stone we take this a step further by creating THREE templates, all by hand, of your countertops before we begin to craft your kitchen top. 

Our process includes using the finest Italian Laser Bridge saws to provide unique precision not possible with large production facilities and assembly lines.

Our product’s edges are not mass produced by a machine, they are polished out one at a time, by hand, to provide the subtle and soft Liberty Stone edge profiles rarely found in the market today!



Individual Homeowners benefit financially in many ways when they choose Liberty Stone granite countertops.  Since families spend a majority of time eating meals and socializing in the kitchen, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  And the countertops are the focal point and centerpiece of every kitchen. Your family will take pride in, and enjoy, your Liberty Stone Granite Countertops every evening when you come home and every morning when you wake up. Liberty Stone countertops and sinks add warmth to your home and keeps your family close.

In addition, every renovation professional knows that an investment in quality countertops makes sense financially since it directly translates to an increase in the resale price of your home when you sell. Liberty Stone’s proprietary process was specifically designed to maximize what you can demand in the sale of your home!


Every design professional takes pride in their work. Their dream is fulfilled when the client enjoys that once in a lifetime, breath-taking moment we witness on home renovation shows.

By using our proprietary process to select the color and material, and craft and install our unique finished product, Liberty Stone focuses on helping Interior Designers and Remodelers. Our proprietary process guarantees that each of your clients will be overcome by emotion when they experience the full effect of your creativity!

Our experts are eager to work with you and teach every detail of our unique selection, fabrication and installation process.  In addition, we have the experience to incorporate your distinct creative process and style into the finished product so that it emphasizes your unique style and touch.  When you become part of the LIBERTYstone Team, we will integrate together seamlessly and deliver a once in a lifetime experience to each of your clients!


Realtors and Investors focus on that one investment which provides the largest financial return. 14 years ago, a group of renowned real estate investors understood that nothing sells a home faster than breathtaking granite countertops and marble countertops. They could not find a granite countertop or marble countertop company to produce the quality they required.  Hence, Liberty Stone was born to provide the highest quality, breathtaking granite countertops
at the lowest prices.

Due to our success, many competitors have attempted to copy our process and some try to use our name, but none work harder for your business, nor have accomplished the same growth.

The difference in quality is easily discernable and recognizable to the naked eye.  In fact, a majority of our business comes from replacing existing Granite Countertops!  This results directly from the stark and sweeping contrast between  our product and our competition.

Liberty Stone provides an “edge” over the competition by only producing the highest quality product on the market at the lowest cost.  Please ask about our one-of-a-kind Realtor Granite Program (RGP).  Enrolling in the Liberty Stone RGP provides a way for you as a realtor to separate yourself from the pack, get the class of quality clients you desire and reduce the cost of renovation for all your future clients!

Since new countertops can easily demand an increase of $50,000 to $70,000 on a home’s resale value, the RGP is an attractive program which empowers realtors, investors, sellers and buyers to benefit financially as a member of the Liberty Stone team!


Every successful builder and contractor knows that their ultimate success depends solely on how the market perceives them. Their reputation depends on the quality, style and expectations of those who buy from, and hopefully, recommend, them as a preferred builder or contractor.  Regardless of the size or cost of your project, the final look and feel of the granite or marble countertops always makes a unique and distinct impression on potential buyers.  This impression has
a direct impact on which builder or contractor selects for their new custom home, or remodeling project. Liberty Stone is the only granite countertop, or marble countertop, company who will put you above the rest of your competition.

Homeowners notice details and quality, especially when it comes to natural surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms that they live with and experience every day!  Selecting Liberty Stone’s high-quality, beautiful, natural stone surfaces in your construction project, sets yourself apart from the competition.  Our dedicated service and proprietary process guarantees all of your clients will consider you as the highest quality of construction professional!

Your clients will be immediately impressed the first time our team meets with them. Our professional, polite, positive attitude has a direct effect on your client’s experience and perception of you as a builder! From the very beginning we use our proprietary system to help them choose the color, and ultimately the precise slab of material, edge profile and sink options, to make the project seamless to you and your staff. We go the extra mile to differentiate ourselves from our clients in terms of flexibility when servicing your clients.  Standard customer service improvements include: weekend service, non-standard meeting times, and installation scheduling with integrates with the rest of your building team. We return all phone calls immediately within 24 hours. We leverage our military experience and bearing to project a kempt and professional reflection on your organization and ultimately care for your client on your behalf. From experience with other builders, you will find Liberty Stone will be directly responsible for the positive and raving online reviews your client provides for your company!

When dealing with marble countertop and granite countertop companies, clients expect and demand elite stone and superior service.  Our client builders and contractors depend on the unique LIBERTYstone granite experience to create referral business and translate directly into increased revenues for your company.  Our builder and contractor clients are successful because they understand and appreciate how critical the natural stone surfaces are in every one of their projects.  As a builder, or contractor client, it also makes you eligible for the Dallas, Texas, and Fort Worth, Texas, LIBERTYstone, BUILDER OF THE YEAR AWARD!


The LIBERTYstone team works hard every day to focus on being the best in the industry.  In fact, our employees are awarded for constantly finding new ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition by ALWAYS choosing the highest quality option available. We ingrain this concept into our Corporate Culture. Our fabricators, polishers and installers were selected from hundreds of applicants. Many of our team members have been in the granite and marble countertop business for over 40 years!

We ensure excellence in our natural stone surfaces by only hiring the most dedicated professional and skilled artisans, and constantly employing the latest QA techniques in the industry. LIBERTYstone has been fabricating and installing stone countertops for over 14 years.  Over this time, we earned our reputation for delivering the most extensive and diverse selections of stone edges, cuts and service.  LIBERTYstone sets the standard for the highest quality granite countertops and marble countertops available in the stone countertop market.


From start to finish the Liberty Stone proprietary countertop process is different. We believe you deserve an expert in the industry to help teach you and guide you through the process in order to get the most out of your investment.

We educate you with the unique characteristics of all current countertop alternatives. We offer a wide and diverse set of options for your new countertops which include: quartzite, wood, concrete and man-made materials, in addition to natural stone products! Our proprietary techniques employ color theory to help you calculate the perfect hue which coordinates your new countertops with the rest of the kitchen.

Our professionals teach you every detail and guide you through our process which includes specifically choosing which color and particular slab of material, which translates into your own breathtaking countertops. We demonstrate these techniques which differentiate ourselves from the competition and deliver
the highest quality product on the market today.

You have heard ‘measure twice and cut once.’  We practice this adage daily by making THREE handmade templates of your countertops before we begin the fabrication process. 


Our process includes using only the finest Italian Laser Bridge saw to provide the unique precision not possible with mass production facilities and assembly lines. The profiles on our product are not milled by a machine, they are polished by hand, out one at a time, to provide the soft, subtle Liberty Stone edge transitions rarely found in the market today!